GPS is getting ready for a major update which I am super excited for… but there are some side effects to this…

I’ve tried really hard to keep what I have had in place and just add on to it, but the further and further I got, the more challenging it became.  With all the ideas I have to make GPS one the best, it just makes since to start fresh and build it right.  That means, the current GPowerSurf will need to be disabled until the new system is in place.

When will the happen?

I am frantically working to get all my ducks in a row to make sure the GPS is only down for the smallest window, and my best guess will be later this month.

How long will it be down?

It’s hard to say really…  My best guess would be about a week.

How will it affect me?

While GPS is down you will not be able to GPowerSurf the sites together for a bonus, and you will not be able to collect CTP Badges for GPS as well.

What about Zubees at TopHits4U?

During the time GPS is down, the requirement will be changed to something other than  GPowerSurfing

What are you doing different?

GPowerSurf will be a membership site now.  It’s going to give me the ability to do many cool things including; continue bonus surfing on the 4 sites, the ability to do promos with other sites, added games, more rewards, co-op site management, and much much more.

Where do I go if I have more questions?

Comment Here! 🙂 Or you can always open a support ticket or hit me up on our skype group.

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