If you follow me, you’ll already know that I am supporting a little site called tePays

Some of you probably read the first line and already lost interest, but I challenge you to read this entire post and really think about what I am writing.


tePays was launched last week and if you’ve been surfing I’m sure you’ve seen it all over the place.  Many people are super pumped up about this one and are spewing links all over the place, but it won’t be that way forever…  and that is just a fact.  You see, this happens all the time.  A new site launches…  A few big names get behind the launch and people get excited… then once the hype dies down, people move on.

Why should tePays be any different?

I think there is just so much potential to use this program to build your residual income, build your list, build your downlines in some of the best Traffic Exchanges online.  While there are many programs that you can do this with…  there isn’t anything more simple than tePays!  Hell, I own PayItKOREward and it’s essentially the same thing (although you can use it free and still earn 50% comms), yet here I am writing a blog post about the other guy.



Residual Income

Yes, month after month, you earn $7 per active referral.  1st month is free, after that it’s $10 a month (earn even more with Pro Plan).  Doesn’t take a mathematician to know if you just get 2 referrals, you’re already in the black making $4.00 per month!  Simple enough… sign me up right?

Building Your List

This is setup to first build your list with the system before the member even joins the site.  That’s right, when a person signs up under your referral link, they first get added to your Rocket Resonder list!  Many of you STILL don’t see the power in this.  Have you seen the leaderboard?  I have not done any advertising outside my own sites, other than sending emails to my lists.  In fact, you are probably reading this blog post because you, or someone your know, read an email, clicked on a link, then shared it on Facebook or Twitter.  tePays gives you the whole email series to copy+paste into Rocket Resonder but you don’t have to stop there…  in fact, I’m telling you that you shouldn’t stop there…  This is now YOUR list.  You can write any follow up email you want… suggest any program or service you want.  You are now building a list that will stay with you forever.  Each signup becomes your signup… not Blain and Shane’s…  They belong to you!

Building Downlines

When you go through the signup process you are sent to a page that is essentially a downline builder for six of the biggest and most well know traffic exchanges.  I know what you are thinking, EasyHits4U has over a million members… “there is no way people still haven’t joined!” Well I’m here to tell you that is completely false…  I am still getting signups coming from tePays daily!  I have even earned commissions at just about every program listed too!  Including Rocket Resonder.  Remember to use your list to continue suggesting great programs and building even more downlines without any extra work or traffic.

So in summary… PLEASE, take a moment to understand the potential in a program like tePays or PayItKOREward.  Don’t forget about it when the hype dies down.  Take it like a personal challenge to get your first 2 downline members of tePays in your first free month… and then just continue to build this month after month.  If everyone does this, imagine the amount of money EVERYONE would be making, month after month… year after year.

P.S.  I’m also giving away $100.00 for joining under me.  Click Here to find out how to enter.

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  1. Stephen Dick

    Thanks Eric for enhancing my image and understanding of TEPays and its` potential.

    The current intense level of promotion indicates a large number of believers already expect a significant profit from using TEPays The required monthly subscription assures a recurring “residual” commission income from Referrals that subscribe.


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