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You earn money from the Cash Surfing Network immediately from the start with a $12 signup bonus just for joining ($2 from each traffic exchange). Then, you can earn more money with a guaranteed cash prize of $0.15 daily ($0.05 as a free member) from each exchange for surfing a specified number of pages that day at each traffic exchange.

The rules at present for the guaranteed cash prizes are currently for surfing 555 pages at TopHits4U, PowerCashStream, LobbyHits, LegacyHits, SocialAdSurf and NinjaSurf.

There are many other ways to earn cash with the program with Daily Rewards, the Banner Run (PTC LIVE), Paid to Click ads, etc. and you'll also have the potential to earn money on referral upgrades and purchases at each site, as well as earning cash directly from active downline members that complete the specified number of pages, as well as earning tons of free advertisement credits to promote anything you would like to.

Here are some specifics on the Cash Surfing Network:

  • $12 signup bonus for joining ($2 from each traffic exchange)
  • $15 cashout requirement for all 6 traffic exchanges
  • Cashouts pay via PayPal, some automatically when required balance is reached
  • Payouts are issued or can be requested 14 days after money is earned
  • Earn money daily by surfing and viewing ads at the six traffic exchanges in the program
  • Guaranteed cash prize of $0.15 cents ($0.05 as a free member) daily per site for surfing a set number of pages daily at each site
  • Plentiful jackpots and games while surfing to earn more money on at each site in the program
  • Operated by two groups of well-established and respected owners of 6 top-ranked traffic exchanges
  • TEs in program include: Legacy Hits, SocialAdSurf, NinjaSurf, TopHits4U, PowerCashStream & LobbyHits
  • Earn Cash on referral upgradesĀ  and purchases at each site (up to 35%), as well as earning TE credits on referral activity
  • Earn Cash on the Daily Rewards which increases with consecutive days claimed
  • Earn Cash with the Banner Run for clicking on 10 Banners
  • Earn Cash from the Login Spotlight ads
  • Earn Cash from the Daily Slot Machine spins
  • Members welcome from all countries
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